Afternoon peeps! 😛 This is my brunch~~ Bread cheese stick! 😀

It doesn’t look like bread cheese stick… 😦 It looks more like a fried bread pillow… =v=” hehehehehe… But it taste not bad! 😀 Really, it taste good! Maybe next time I should roll it into a smaller size… reduce the cheese inside, and roll it! It will looks nicer… The only thing I’m not very happy about is… It’s a little oily. Though I have coated the bread with some egg mixture, and fried it with hot oil. But luckily the bread didn’t absorb all the oil! Perhaps next time I will put the fried bread stick onto the kitchen-use-tissue to absorb excess oil, and then serve it. >:)

Oh yeah, next time I can maybe use the oven to make it! 😀 Roll the bread with cheese inside, and then coat the bread stick with thin layer of butter! If it’s that so, I won’t have to use any egg, and it will be much simpler, and healthier! 😀


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