-Anthony Neely-

第三人稱 3rd Person

曲:魏文浩 詞:葛大為 編曲:游政豪

電車一班班 載走疲倦的人們

The tram carry away those tired people

我就好像他們 其中之一的分身

I’m just like them, one of their cloned body

我拎著記憶 它太笨重

I carried the memory, it’s too heavy…


The story was rewrote once again


The person who’s acting with you, is not me.

出乎意料的 往往才是合理的

What’s unexpected are often what’s reasonable


Loneliness slowly attack and hid into my life


Actually you didn’t say you don’t love me


But he’s giving you more

主觀鏡頭慢慢淡出成 旁觀的人

Those who used to be subjective slowly fade awat, becoming bystanders

愛情不是 誰讓誰 那麼簡單

Love is not about who let who win, not that easy

第三人稱 痛苦在不能退場

Third party is suffering from not able to withdraw

想留給妳 完美形象

Wanted to leave you with the perfect image


Might be self defeating… But, so what?

我笑著看 妳愛上他

I look at you falling for him, and smiled

突然迷戀起 欲言又止的苦澀

All of the sudden, I was fascinated by the bitterness of hesitation

妳的善意回應 證明我只是朋友

Your positive respond has once again proof that I’m just a friend to you


I want to maintain this interaction cunningly


The interacitions which is similiar to happiness

美其名就說是守候 多麼空洞

Euphemistically, we could name it ‘waiting’. How empty it sounds…

愛 自作主張 往反方向

Love, meant to be own decision, in the opposite direction


The more happy you are, the more sorrow you feel

我 不是慌張 只是害怕

I’m not panic, just a little scared


I still can’t let it go…






Once again, a Chinese song with English translation! XD This is quite an easy song, nothing hard, better than the song with classical style Chinese lyrics by Jay Chou… (If I have the time, I might be doing that again… Like… Later, perhaps? X) ) This song is really new, freshly out for… Few hours only, and I kinda like this song! 😀 Didn’t expect people requesting me to translate the lyrics that fast! 😛 Anyway, some part of the lyrics doesn’t sound nice… It feels better with the original Chinese lyrics. =/ never mind, I’ll do it better next time~ 😀


Everyone should…

Everyone should take action with a dream and be strong with a reason . If the heart has no place to perch on, you will always be a drifter no matter where you are. 🙂




Afternoon peeps! 😛 This is my brunch~~ Bread cheese stick! 😀

It doesn’t look like bread cheese stick… 😦 It looks more like a fried bread pillow… =v=” hehehehehe… But it taste not bad! 😀 Really, it taste good! Maybe next time I should roll it into a smaller size… reduce the cheese inside, and roll it! It will looks nicer… The only thing I’m not very happy about is… It’s a little oily. Though I have coated the bread with some egg mixture, and fried it with hot oil. But luckily the bread didn’t absorb all the oil! Perhaps next time I will put the fried bread stick onto the kitchen-use-tissue to absorb excess oil, and then serve it. >:)

Oh yeah, next time I can maybe use the oven to make it! 😀 Roll the bread with cheese inside, and then coat the bread stick with thin layer of butter! If it’s that so, I won’t have to use any egg, and it will be much simpler, and healthier! 😀