HAPPY SWEET 18 BIRTHDAY, BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!! :) <3 xoxo

<img src="https://mylifefrom2013.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/sam1960.jpg&quot; class="size-full" alt=" HAPPY SWEET 18 BIRTHDAY, BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

That girl who always give me smileys when I asked for a photo. See those smiles in the first pictures? They are so pure, true and lovely. As I said before, I only take pictures of people who worth my love, and this girl is one of them. We have gone through a lot. Though she smiles very much, but she did shows her weaker side to me. She makes me feel like protecting her. Now, looking at the photos, I recalled every moment I spent with her. Undeniable, I’m forgetful, but when it comes to her, I try my best to remember EVERYTHING. She is too pain to loose, and I can’t bear with it. :’)

This time, I have prepared 18 pieces of carefully selected photos taken by me. It’s my first time going into a photo-shop(YES, a photo shop, not PS; the shop which help you to print photos and you can basically buy some simple camera use gadgets from them.). Because I have never tried this before, so I thought that it would cost $1 or $2 to print a piece of photo, and I work out the maths! By taking the average, if a photo is $1.50 each, I have to print 18 of them, and the total will be… $27! (It is so expensive… My allowance for nearly 2 weeks time.) I walked into the shop and asked the shop keeper to help me get the photos printed. I told him that I want the photos to be size of 3R(post card size), and he started hitting the number keys on the calculator, it makes me feel that it’s a HUGE number, and I’m so nervous that I can feel my hands are sweating… >v:) (Every presents I gave out usually have meanings, and they always come with another side-small-present — my handwritten short letter messages!) This time, I make it special. Instead of me writing greetings, I combine greetings from other people who know YJ (That girl who’s the spotlight of my pictures). Their greetings are written at the back of the photos. I asked them to write greetings to YJ, and also include the impressions YJ gave them. I started this small collect-greeting-activity the day before yesterday, and I have received 10 photo-greetings! That’s a good progress!!! I thought that there will be no one answering me or help me… Since most of them have to prepare for the Physics exam which is held this morning.

Today’s early morning, I collected 3 greetings, and I’m leave with last 5 greetings! I asked XS to collect another 5 greetings for me during her tuition, and gave it to YJ on Monday when she finishes her Chemistry exam. 🙂 I really hope that YJ loves the photos, and… I’m quite curious about how she will act when she saw those photos… XD The photos are actually her favourite ones. To prepare this surprise, I lied to her before that I have deleted some of them, which kinda disappoint her. I hope she’s not gonna hate me for that.. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! (of course she won’t!)

*** If you don’t know what to give your friends during their 18th birthday, perhaps this would be a good choice! I believe that all guys and girls will definitely love this present!!! (many of the guys actually asked me to prepare the same present for their 18th birthday. Nope, I’m not going to prepare the same thing!!!!) Guys, don’t be lazy, it isn’t hard at all to get a girl present! I MEAN IT. Try think of something you did with her, more about memories, then she will love it, because girls are emotional, if you are able to touch her feelings, then you have already win! 😀 See, finding girls present is not hard at all, all you need is spend some time. So, wish you luck! 😛

I don’t understand why girls also complaint that it’s hard to find guys birthday presents… I mean, anything you buy would do! I’m pretty sure that most of the guys don’t know what they want. -_-” They won’t ask for much, because what they actually want is costly! But it is impossible for you to buy a set of newest XBOX, or PSP with GTA5 game. So, go with something simple too. NEVER EVER BUY TIES AS GUYS’ BIRTHDAY PRESENT. Why? Because not all guys like to wear ties. And, if you bought the wrong colour, it will be awkward, because guys will have no idea when to wear it, and at last it ends up in the wardrobe leaving untouched. If you want to buy a guy present, think of his personality. Most of the time I bought guys special ball pen, hats, sweaters(provided you know his size), wallets, etc. OH!!! Hand made wishing stars are good too!!! 😉

No matter you are a guy or girl, doing some homework before buying gifts are always good! 😀